Cardboard boxes and furniture in new home

We've all seen those lists of "life's most stressful situations." Moving is always right up near the top - and why wouldn't it be? Not only are you leaving the familiar for something unknown, but there is so much to do that it can surely feel overwhelming.

As architects and designers, we often find ourselves working with clients who have recently moved. that made us first hand

witnesses to what can go right - and what ca n go wrong. For that reason, we're offering a tailored service we call Move Curation from Vigneau & Associates. Not only can we guide you through moving out your current home, we'll make the transition to your new home as smooth as it can possibly be. Here are the steps we can assists you with - from one or two to all of them.



From the moment you decide to sell, we can help you stage your home or hire a staging manager to show off your home's best attributes. once you know where you're moving, we do a full furniture inventory (which also comes in handy for insurance purposes),

deciding that will be sold, consigned, donated or move. The entire process will be managed with a realistic timeline - working backwards from your move-in date.

Moving Ahead


So often, we see people who order furniture before moving, only to find it's too big, too small or just not right for the new space. We draft a plan of your new space and help you decide what will fit where - and what furniture needs to be purchased or ordered.

This ensures that each item is only moved once. If carpets, draperies or bedding will move with you, we send these items out for a professional cleaning to give them a new start, too.



Even the most organized people can be overwhelmed by a move. There's so much to accomplish in a relatively short time - and then there's the emotional aspect. With our experience coordinating large renovation and design projects, we've become experts at overseeing of a move: recommending and securing movers, implementing our designs, hiring contractors, plumbers, painters and more.

We'll also create a checklist to help you line up any service you may need to move out or move in. On top of that, we tend to think of things that are often overlooked. Will your current sofa fit in the elevator of your condo? Will the bed fit up the stairs? There's so much to consider.

Moving in

MovingInshutterstock_1919773028_rt (1)

Often, a new home has a new personality, requiring a fresh look at color, design and furnishings. Maybe all that's needed is some reupholstering of the pieces you already own or resizing draperies you already love. If you'd like to do more, we can work with you to find new pieces that will perfectly fit your taste and your space. With our architectural expertise, we can do anything - from painting and electrical plans to moving walls and designing cabinetry.

We've worked with clients who've asked us to setup absolutely everything in advance (including the coffee maker!), so the day they move in , there's nothing to do but enjoy their fully designed new home.

If you are planning a move, we're ready to help with any aspect of the process. Please get in touch for more information about Move Curation from Vigneau & Associate.

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