Vigneau & Associates is known for interiors in which spaces graciously flow from one to another — from the inside to the outside and back again. Where rooms and gardens create wonder, inviting you to enter. Where exposures and siting are carefully considered, along with the way the light changes throughout the day.

A component of rooms that beckon is choreographing transitions from public rooms to private spaces — allowing for an artful pause. Public spaces are thoughtfully laid out, encouraging conversation and ease of circulation. Fabrics are selected not only for their colors and textures but for suitability to pets, children and the habits of their users. Similarly, the scale of furniture is chosen to suit the proportions of every room, along with the size of its users.

Every effort is made to incorporate some existing furniture and objects to reflect our clients’ personalities, resulting in a unique and custom design. For that reason, we do not have a signature style. We honor our clients’ stories, designing homes that reflect their essence.